City of Hillsboro Commissioners

John Godsey

John Godsey, a former City Councilman, has served on the Utilities Commission (UC) and Joint Water Commission since 2004, and was appointed Chair of the UC in January 2011. He also represents Hillsboro on the Tualatin Basin Water Supply Feasibility Study Policy Steering Committee.

David Judah

David Judah was appointed to the Commission in January 2011. Judah works in management and sales for a Forest Grove high-tech company. He is proud of his life-long Hillsboro residency.

Hillsboro Utilities Commissioner Deborah Raber

Deborah Raber is Hillsboro Water’s newest Commissioner. She was appointed to the Commission in February 2017. Raber is a long-time Hillsboro resident and former City of Hillsboro employee.

City of Forest Grove Commissioners

Carl Heisler

Carl Heisler, a former Forest Grove City Councilor, is the longest-serving Commissioner for Forest Grove and the only original JWC Commissioner still serving. He has spent over 30 years helping steer Washington County drinking water plans and policies.

Rod Fuiten

Rod Fuiten, a former Forest Grove City Councilor, has represented Forest Grove as a Joint Water Commissioner since 1995.

Peter Truax

Peter Truax, the current City of Forest Grove Mayor, joined the Joint Water Commission in 2016. He served in the U.S. Army and spent 28 years as a teacher and administrator in Forest Grove schools.

City of Beaverton Commissioners

Mark Fagin

Mark Fagin, a Beaverton City Councilor, Mark has served on the Beaverton City Council since January 2013. Before being elected to Council, Mark was a member of the Beaverton Planning Commission. Mark is the newest Beaverton Commissioner and has represented Beaverton on the Joint Water Commission since April 2013.

Denny Doyle

Denny Doyle became Beaverton’s Mayor on January 1, 2009. Prior to being Mayor, Denny spent 14 years serving the citizens of Beaverton as a Beaverton City Councilor. He believes in working collaboratively to get the job done and knows you cannot build a better city without the help of citizens, businesses and regional partners. 

Marc SanSoucie

Marc San Soucie, a Beaverton City Councilor, joined the Joint Water Commission in 2008. His background is in computer software development, and he also serves as Chair of the Washington County Planning Commission.

Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD)

Jim Doane

Jim Doane was elected to the Tualatin Valley Water District’s (TVWD) Board of Commissioners in 1998. He is currently serving as the Board’s Acting Secretary, and has also held the position of Board President. Doane is a retired professional engineer who specialized in water resource and civil engineering for more than 30 years.

Mark Knudson

Mark Knudson is the Chief Executive Office for Tualatin Valley Water District. Mark is a professional engineer with 30 years of experience in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of water systems. Previous to being hired as TVWD’s Chief Engineer in 2007, Knudson worked for Carollo Engineers and the Portland Water Bureau. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in environmental engineering from Oregon State University, and is certified as a Class 4 Water Distribution Operator and a Class 3 Water Treatment Operator.

Dick Schmidt

Dick Schmidt was elected to TVWD’s Board of Commissioners in 2005 and appointed as a Joint Water Commissioner that same year. Previously, he served four years in the U.S. Navy from 1963-1967 and worked for 30 years in laboratories specializing in water and wastewater. Presently, he works for the City of Portland.

JWC General Manager

Kevin Hanway

Kevin Hanway, Hillsboro Water Department Director, also serves as General Manager for the Joint Water Commission (JWC) and the Barney Reservoir Joint Ownership Commission (BRJOC). Hillsboro has served as managing agency for the JWC and BRJOC since the inception of both Commissions and provides management and staff for all operations.