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Are you looking for a rewarding career with great pay and the chance to give back to your community?

A career at the Joint Water Commission (JWC) or the Willamette Water Supply System (WWSS) water treatment plants in Oregon offers the opportunity to treat, transmit, and store our world’s most essential resource – DRINKING WATER!

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Career Paths

There are a variety of career paths at the water treatment plants that require different skill sets and training. From high school graduates, to PhDs, to veterans, no matter your background, there is opportunity for everyone to join the water workforce.

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Water Treatment
Plant Careers

Yearly Salary
(as of Apr. 2023)

Water Treatment Plant Manager

$96,512 – $127,004

Water Treatment Plant Operators
(Level 1-4 Certifications)

$60,281- $92,800

Water Treatment Plant Coordinator

$79,326 – $104,388

Water Treatment Plant Lab Coordinator

$73,341 – $96,512

Water Treatment Plant Project Specialist

$67,808 – $89,231

Water Treatment Plant Senior Program Manager

$104,388 – $137,367

Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Coordinator

$70,521 – $92,800

Water Treatment Plant Systems Analyst

$89,231 – $117,422

Water Treatment Plant Electrician

$79,326 – $104,388

Water Treatment Plant Administrative Support Specialist

$49,547 – $65,200


$25.00 Hourly

Operator-in-Training Apprenticeship Program

The Operators in Training (OIT) Apprenticeship is a new, initiative for Water and Public Works Operators to reduce certification barriers for aspiring water and wastewater operators, and to help staff essential positions. The OIT program provides one year of on-the-job training through full-time, paid, and benefitted work as operators prepare for level one certification.

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