Plans & Assessments

JWC Water Treatment Plant Plans & Assessments

JWC Water Master Plan: The Joint Water Commission is currently updating the Master Plan, which will detail strategies for continuing to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable water to customers over the next 30 years.
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JWC Water Management & Conservation Plan (WMCP): In 2021, the JWC completed the 2021 Management and Conservation Plan. The plan describes the water system, identifies water sources, explains how the JWC will manage and conserve supplies to meet future needs, and guides the development and implementation of water management and conservation programs and policies to ensure sustainable use of water resources for municipal and agricultural water users.
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JWC Source Water Protection Plan (SWP): The SWP was developed in 2014 with the goal to maintain and safeguard the quality of the water treated at the JWC WTP for drinking and other municipal purposes. The plan assesses the potential contamination risks in the source water area and identifies programs to minimize the impacts from potential chemical or biological contamination. Source water protection plans are unique to each water system.
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JWC Source Water Assessments (SWA):

  • In 2013, GSI Water Solutions conducted a geospatial assessment of the source watershed for the JWC, which identified areas that pose risk to the JWC’s drinking water source area.
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  • In 2019, the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality prepared an updated Source Water Assessment.
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