Your Essential Water: Chris Wilson

What people are asking Chris Wilson, Water Treatment Plant Manager, about COVID-19 and their drinking water:

Is my tapwater safe to drink?

Chris Wilson, WTP Manager
Chris Wilson, WTP Manager 
Yes!  Water is filtered and treated at the Joint Water Commission (JWC) Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Forest Grove. The comprehensive treatment process removes, disinfects, and chemically inactivates viruses, bacteria, and other living organisms from the drinking water, including COV-19.

Should I buy bottled water?

 There is no need to clear the bottled water shelves at local stores. Your WTP is producing plenty of water that is 100% safe to drink. Tap water is also delivered directly to your house, so you can continue to shelter-in-place, and still receive a reliable water supply for everyday activities. Stay Home. Save Lives. 

 Is the Water Treatment Plant staffed and operating?

 It is. WTP Operators are essential employees and continue to report-to-work everyday. Operations continue as usual, except for extra precautions taken to limit exposure, and ensure the WTP continues running smoothly. 
Water Treatment Plant Pic
Water Treatment Plant – Operating 24/7/365

Chris Wilson is a Level IV (Top Level) State-Certified Treatment Plant Operator, with a degree in water treatment. He has worked at the JWC WTP for 20+ years.