Current Projects & Plans

JWC Water Treatment Plant Projects & Plans

JWC Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project
: In response to the need to provide additional water for growing communities in western Washington County, the JWC are working to complete a multi-year water treatment expansion, improvements project, and facility plan for the JWC Water Treatment Plant.
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Water Management & Conservation Plan: The Joint Water Commission has completed a five-year update to its Management and Conservation Plan.
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JWC Joins the EnerNOC Program: JWC staff worked with representatives from PGE and EnerNOC to create a customized energy plan for JWC that includes a full shutdown of the plant for a few hours at a time during the winter, and reducing the use of selected pumps in the summer based on production needs.
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Barney Reservoir Valve Repair: In fall 2011, Barney Reservoir, one of two reservoirs that provide summertime water to Joint Water Commission member agencies and their wholesale customers, was purposely drained to its lowest level in over 12 years to allow for repairs both above and below the water.
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JWC Water Treatment Plant Facility Plan: The Joint Water Commission has revised the Facility Plan.
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