Source Water Protection

JWC Source Water Protection Grant Program

Kristel Sampling at Barney Feb 09For the first time, the Joint Water Commission (JWC) is offering a Source Water Protection (SWP) Grant Program.  The Grant Program is intended to support the work of local organizations, whose efforts maintain and safeguard the quality of water entering the JWC Water Treatment Plant (WTP).  Successful projects will utilize proactive watershed activities to research, prevent, minimize, or mitigate potential water quality contamination. 

This grant program is also intended to promote stakeholder partnerships, and increase public awareness of tap water.  Awardees are encouraged to leverage funds from multiple sources, and use these monies as matching funds for other grant opportunities.

For questions related to the grant program, contact Jessica Dorsey, Water Resources Manager, at 503-615-6702 or by email.

JWC Source Water Assessment

GSI Water Solutions conducted a geospatial analysis of the source watershed for the Joint Water Commission (JWC).  The Assessment identified areas that pose risk to the JWC’s drinking water source area. 

Source Water Assessment 2012

Updated Source Water Assessment 2019

JWC Source Water Protection Plan (SWP)

The SWP was developed with the goal to maintain and safeguard the quality of the water treated at the JWC WTP for drinking and other municipal purposes.  The plan assesses the potential contamination risks in the source water area and identifies programs to minimize the impacts from potential chemical or biological contamination.  Source water protection plans are unique to each water system.  

JWC Source Water Protection Plan 2014